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WiNRADiO Communications is a division of Radixon Group, a Robotron company, founded in 1991 in order to commercialize the results of many years of research in radio communications.

WiNRADiO Communications, a division fully dedicated to innovation in radio communication technologies, was established in 1996 as a result of runaway success of our WiNRADiO product range. Radixon Group is an R&D based company, with accumulated wealth of engineering experience in RF design, digital hardware design, DSP and application software development. Our mission is to advance radio communications by way of close integration with modern computing technologies.


WiNRADiO Scandinavia

Waveline AB - representing WiNRADiO since the very start of WiNRADiO Communications. Our primary marketing areas are the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark and Norway but also the other Nordic countries Finland and Iceland as well as the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Waveline AB

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WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, industry, military, security, surveillance and spectrum monitoring organizations, as well as many radio and computer enthusiasts.

We have many software-defined receivers for general purpose and special applications.
Designed for surveillance and monitoring applications, our Multichannel Receiver Systems provide cost-effective and powerful alternatives to conventional solutions.
Our Direction Finding systems are being used in some of the most adverse environments,


Special Scandinavian Stage Pack

On demands from  our Scandinavian customers we offer this special package for the sound stage engineer!


With the WR-G33WSM model, WiNRADiO introduces a high-performance low-cost receiver and spectrum analyzer specially developed for sound engineers and performers who work with wireless microphones and other wireless audio devices as well as for telemetry engineering applications.

This package contains the G33WSM receiver (cabling, antenna, mains power supply) + the portable high-tech power-pack PPS-G3 for the perfect in-the-field operation. All installed in a compact carrying case for the toughest use.

PRO and Military Applications

WiNRADiO RADIXON sonobuoy receivers are suitable for airborne and seaborne deployment, in civilian as well as military applications, for most major types of sonobuoys.

RADIXON sonobuoy receivers are remarkable for their flexibility: We supply PC-card based receivers suitable for integration into multichannel systems; single-channel portable units which can be operated using a laptop and are emminently suitable for mobile use and for experimentation; as well as complete multichannel rack-mounted units for major installations.


Receiver Systems for Surveillance, Monitoring and Logging

Designed for surveillance, telemetry, security, military, telecommunications, and media monitoring applications, our integrated, turn-key products provide cost-effective, elegant and powerful alternatives to conventional multi-receiver systems and monitoring, intercepting and logging facilities. Owing to their software-defined architectures, these systems are capable of multitudes of tasks, including monitoring and logging radio communications on several channels simultaneously, as well as automatically making decisions based on user-specified circumstances.


SK7WN - our Amateur Radio Club Station
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